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Life is just a sequence of turns. Everything turns: Days to nights. Seasons. Water to vapor. The Weather. Clocks. Our snowboards. The Mt. Baker Ski Area Legendary Banked Slalom turned 30 last winter. And we turned up. Up the road. Around the bullwheel. Then down the mountain. Left then right then left again. Rain turned to snow. Clouds turned to sun. Seconds turned to minutes and minutes to hours. Then day turned to night again ♻ | ? Liam Gallagher | ? Tim Eddy Leanne Pelosi Lucas Debari Ryuji Takai Kyle Miller Kael Martin Matt Belzile Johnny Brady | Music: “Ticker” by Silent Partner / “Catch A Way” by Evert Almond / “Gulag Minnesbilden” by Ars Sonor Malga Kubiak

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