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El Nino has been a busy, busy little dude this year. Whether he’s blasting the mountains with precipitation or churning the Pacific Ocean into a frothy thunderdome of madness, the guy’s really had his hands full.

It’s possible that “The Biggest Paddle Day Ever” will have happened again by the time you watch this video, as Hawaii is on the business end of some serious oceanic energy right now.

But this video here…a timelapse of almost 5000 photos…..actually manages to capture the intensity of a day that redefined what a surfer could do without mechanical assistance.

Kelly Slater’s in there, so’ John Florence. And a host of other chargers from around the world, including Hawaii’s own Shane Dorian and Kai Lenny (he’s the dude in red crushing it on both an SUP and a traditional surfboard).

Yikes. Here’s to everyone staying as safe as they can out there…



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