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Prior BC Splitboard 165 – An Honest Review

Nothing in this life is free, not even lunch with your mom. Sure, she may pay for that Beef Dip, but you’ll likely have to explain to her why you’re single and childless at the at the rusty old age of 34. An...
4.9Damn Good

Arc’Teryx Lithic Glove Review

This Arc'Teryx Lithic Glove Review is an in-depth look one of the most remarkable gloves ever created. You can better believe we were stoked when we got our hands on these to demo at SIA in Denver this year. At...
5Great Packs

Best Laptop Backpack Review

Being chained to a desk is for suckers. With all of our modern tech conveniences it’s easier than ever to get the job done on the move and out of the office so we can get back to shredding. Biglines went on a s...
9.5Very Rad

Early Adopter Review: Marker Kingpin

The New Marker Kingpin... Worth the weight? When the Marker Kingpin first hit the Intertubes last fall, it created quite a buzz. Backcountry gear nerds everywhere salivated. With an alpine-style, step-in hee...

Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell Review

Being on a roadtrip with no music is like being at a party with no beers, chicks and smokes. So when we blew the speakers on my buddy’s van halfway down the west coast of France, we thought we were done for....
9.4Must Have

PowerAll Deluxe Review – Portable Power Bank

Thank goodness I had a PowerAll Deluxe portable power bank with me on my last 3 day hut trip, where conditions were constantly below -20 degrees.  Without this product the trip would have been a total disaster ...

Helly Hansen Jotun Flannel Jacket – Review

Wearing a Helly Hansen flannel jacket has become so much a part of my daily life that my wife refers my Jotun jacket as 'my uniform.' It's rare for me to find a piece of gear that I like and use so much and so ...