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I recently had the pleasure of testing out some very nice Merino wool base layer products from a company based out of Endicott, NY called Woolx. As you might have gathered from their name, Woolx products are all created using 100% Merino Wool. This gives the garments a smooth, soft feel that is never itchy or uncomfortable. The seams are all sewed flat for superior comfort as well. Woolx are so confident that you will love their products that they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. I for one, was completely happy with the performance of the base layer items I tried.


Explorer Merino Wool Bottoms – $79 usd

I used the lightweight “Outback T Shirt” and “Explorer Merino Wool Bottoms” which are a midweight fabric that was perfect for an average day at Lake Louise Ski Resort. It was about -10 to -15c and all I had on under my Helly Hansen Backbowl Cargo pants was the Woolx baselayer. I found them very comfortable and capable of regulating my temperature nicely. By that I mean, I never gave them a second thought once I was geared up. They did their job perfectly. In fact, I wore them for three days of shredding and they still were fresh and ready to go. I tend to just take off my gear at the end of the day, throw it back in my bag and forget about it until next time. The natural antimicrobial properties of Merino wool are perfect for such behaviour. Should you choose to wash them often though, I have been assured that they wont shrink or become misshapen.


Outback T-Shirt – $59 usd

In conclusion, should you find yourself in need of a new baselayer, I would wholeheartedly endorse checking out Woolx products. With a wide range of weights and products such as facemasks, hoodies and socks, they have something for everyone.

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