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Ep.26 Foon Skis / Johnny Chilton – Low Pressure Podcast

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Foon Skis


The LPP was invited to visit Johnny “Foon” Chilton and Foon Skis headquarters.  Johnny was a big mountain pioneer  back in the 90’s with friends and legends, Eric Pehota and Trevor Peterson.  During the years of travelling and professional skiing, Johnny could never really get the companies he skied for to create a ski exactly the way he wanted.  So he started Foon Skis and did it himself.

As we sat down in the Foon Skis factory shop Johnny told me about the glory days as a pro skiing with Trevor and now with, arguably the best skier in the world today, Trevor’s son Kye.  He talked me through the process of creating a pair of skis and how that’s connected with his belief in sustainability and being connected with the environment we live in.  This is one of the reasons every pair of Foon Skis is shaped around a British Columbian, Yellow Cedar core and also why he only plans to grow within his means.

Every pair of Foon skis is made in the shop in Mount Currie BC,  a few minutes North of Pemberton.  He always has a demo fleet read to go so if you’re in the Whistler area, give him a call and try out a pair.  Or even better, have Johnny craft a custom ski just for you!

Johnny “Foon” Chilton


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