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Here is a video of my brother and I skating down a South facing couloir in Banff last week. When we arrived at the base we found that the couloir was full of avalanche debris from a slide sometime in the last week. We were a little too late for this line…. We thought we could sneak up the line anyway that morning, wait for the sun to bake the crust off and loosen up the debris, and then we could ride hero corn all the way to the car just in time for work… After a fast and straight forward climb we waited at the top for a bit… the sun didn’t come out and the freezing line stayed lower than forecast, but we still needed to get to work, so unfortunately we had to skate down the crust with cannonball sized chunks of snow chasing us the whole way! This is the same couloir Chris Rubens and Eric Hjorleifson shredded in the (much more epic) Sherpas Cinema video called “The Innovator” which you can see here: ….. (thanks for the intro picture Sherpas!)

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