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“Introducing, Fingers Crossed. Claudia Avon and I set out this season to create a web series. We were both in the same mind set to ride and film in the backcountry and were both feeling the challenges of creating content: crewing up, filmer, project etc. We decided to take matters into our own hands and channel our frustration and determination into our own little passion project. A scary and exciting move to ask for funding, to dip into our own savings, and to then commit to producing something to share with the world.
Rider list: Claudia Avon and Taylor Godber
Location: Whistler B.C. & Tofino B.C.
Filmer: Bruce Johnston, Benjamin Webb, Jan Schuster, Ryan Kenny, David Vladyka, Aaron Maksymec, Brad Sarauer, The Bus Life Crew, Vanessa Chan, and Brian Hockenstein
Edit: Ryan Kenny

To put it frank, we had a tough snow year in Whistler. We had lots of precipitation, but the rain just wasn’t changing to snow. We made the best of what mother nature was providing and practiced as much patience as we could. For whatever reason, the snow just wasn’t showing up. So we jumped on a boat and headed to Tofino to dip into the ocean and replenish the stoke.”

-Fingers Creative

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