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La Niña 2016 has delivered a series of load blowing storms that pounded lucky recipients with repeated face shots of glorious bounty. It’s been an exciting time to be on the receiving end of Mother Nature’s miracle anti-depressant and it looks like the entirety of western Canada has got in on the action. Here’s a few photos of the peak moments from the storm’s climaxes of fall 2016. Looks like it was good to the last drop.

Whistler Blackcomb Opening Weekend.
We start with an epic opening day at Whistler Blackcomb that turned into an epic opening weekend, and ended up being an epic opening season. It got good and stayed good (and it just keeps going).

Paul Morrison whet our appetites with this frothy shot of Lyndsey Dyer.

Lynsey Dyer tunnels down an early Saturday morning run on Whistler Mountain.

A photo posted by Paul Morrison (@paulmorrisonphotography) on

It’s nice when your old faithful does all the work for you and you just get off the chair and get what you want.

It wouldn’t be WB with out Mike D checking in, and of course he got multiple mouthfuls of the coastal blow.

After opening day the conditions continued to shine. The Salomon gang got together and some bangers followed.

Chris Rubens got in on the action in Whistler.

Interior Musings

Of course Rubens isn’t satisfied with just one honey hole. When things lined up at Revelstoke Resort, you better believe he was there too.

The Fernie factor exploded on the Lizard Range this fall. Carter McMillian and the Griz got it on.

Rogers Pass was of course the centre many money shots. You can imagine how many Joey Vosburg got.

Fluffy. ?: @jillyoung_ #arcteryx

A video posted by JoeyV – Revelstoke (@joeyvosburgh) on

Our friends from Know Where Alberta we’re in on the #powrightinthekisser game in Kananaskis.

The Purcells were firing and we had a chance to be more than just voyuers thanks to our home town break.

Golden’s media kings double teamed it at Kicking Horse and got results.

Trace Cooke was feeling adventurous down in Whitewater and the timing was right.

Canadian Rockies
A little bit on M_Sangy in Lake Louise

Selfie skiing down Boomerang, filmed this Wednesday, thanks to @m_sangy!

A video posted by Lake Louise Ski Resort (@skilouise) on

Then something amazing happened, as only it can in the interior. The wet hit the cold and bam Scott Newsome was apparently calling the lightest fluffiest day ever!

Dave Treadway and Bruno Long were in the right place at the right time at Great Canadian Heliskiing.

Joe Shuster wasn’t seeking Nirvana anywhere else but Keefer Lake.

But Mark Abma took it on the chin the best and wins our ultimate load catcher award!


By now we figure you get the picture. It’s good in Western Canada and if you haven’t gotten into the release of the goods yet. It’s time.

Get it good but don’t die trying …

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