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Powsurf in September?! Yes! 12″ of sloppy pow and a small slope made for ridiculous amounts of fun for Grassroots Powdersurfing founder Jeremy Jensen and his Dog “Tilly” on September 24th 2016. A little bit of snow, a creative mind and a proper Grassroots Powsurfer is your ticket to the simple and pure fun of surfing mountains… even in shallow conditions and on any sized slope. Early days like this inspired us to start the powsurfing movement over a decade ago in this very location and continue to fuel the fire and feed the stoke each and every year.

The “Powder Slut” 140cm 3D was the board featured in this Episode. Chosen on this day for it’s excellent floatation, agility, and ability to ride backwards and forwards. The superior float and freestyle freedom from this model was the way to go to make the most of only a foot or so of snow on top of the dirt and weeds.

Shot, Edited, & Produced by Jeremy Jensen
Riders: Jeremy Jensen & Tilly the Powder Hound

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