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Check this Today Show report on the man-made wave by Kelly Slater’s Wave Company that has been on everyone’s lips.  Is there a resort in this world that doesn’t want one of these things? Is there a major athletic event (like X Games or the Olympics) that wouldn’t maim to get rights to put this in? Interesting news today is that it looks like the World Surf League will be the body that brings this wave to the masses and the implications of this business deal are quite unique. It’s not everyday that you have technology that could literally be the base of a new massive, crowd-accessible sport/movement.     And what about Kelly? Is he hands free now of a company he helped create in a sport he helped shape? Or will Kelly be an ambassador to see this through? One thing is for sure. There are massive amounts of money that will soon be involved in this because people are frothing to get to be a part of this in a number of different ways.

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