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Arc'Teryx Lithic Glove Review
A glove with optimum dexterity. The fabric cuts and sewing are amazing. The lined version is often too warm.
  • Dexterity
  • Waterproof
  • Warm
Why Not
  • Price
  • Too hot on warm days
4.9Damn Good

This Arc’Teryx Lithic Glove Review is an in-depth look one of the most remarkable gloves ever created. You can better believe we were stoked when we got our hands on these to demo at SIA in Denver this year. At $285 retail, it was probably going to be a while before we went to the store and bought a pair of these even though we’re just the kind of people this glove was created for. Arcteryx gambled on this glove. They invested a ton of their time and energy into making a product with better dexterity and durability than any other glove out there. Our verdict (so far) is that they succeeded.

We’ve destroyed a countless number of sets of gloves in our career. We are exceptionally hard on gloves and it’s not uncommon to blow a pair up in a matter of days. The Biglines lifestyle a.k.a. cranking and loosening your boots every run, sledding, overnight camping, steepski mountaineering etc. are a toxic combo for keeping your gloves intact.


First Impressions:

The lithic glove is lined with insulation. This makes it a piece of kit that you use to stay warm. If it’s only -1 outside then chances are it’ll be too warm. We used the lithic as the back up glove in our pack for most of the winter, since it was often too warm to use. The good news is that the glove is light and it packs really small. It works really good as the spare gloves that come out when it’s cold.


A cold morning ski touring meant that the Lithic’s came out to keep my hands warm. If it’s -10 outside with a breeze these are your weapon.


The Lithic glove has pretty much the most badass cinch system we’ve ever seen. The collar of this glove is wide enough to pull over any jacket cuff. Pull the draw string and you’ve sealed around the jacket. The magic comes when you want to release the elastic.  Give the small strapping a simple tug and volia, you’re released. This is incredible easy to do. No more fiddling with push down tabs.



The best cinch system we've ever encountered is on the LIthic Glove

The best cinch system we’ve ever encountered is on the LIthic Glove

Boot packing is one of the best uses of this glove. When your hands are in the snow a lot the Lithic gloves are great shields. They stay dry for a long time but even when they get soaked, they retain heat retention capabilities.


Nearing the top on Mt. Columbia in February 2015


I challange you to find a winter, cold weather glove with better dexterity and durability. We don’t think it exists.On a cold summit on Mt. Columbia,  I managed to take my crampons off, pack them away, put my tongues in my boots and do up my boots, all with the Lithic gloves on.

 Change over on the top of Mt. Columbia. I managed to take my crampons off, pack them away, put my tongues in and do up my boots, all with the Lithic gloves on.

Crampons off, tongues in, buckles done up. Change over on the top of a cold Mt. Columbia summit.

Taking pictures with gloves on? Yup, you can do that with the Lithic’s too.


I hate selfies. The fact that I took one here goes to show how stoked I was to get on top of Mt. Columbia, a peak I’ve been wanting to climb and ski for years. Here I am, taking a pic with my iPhone, with the Lithic’s on. Was pumped to share this summit with my good friend Ryan Johannesen.

Summit of Mt. Columbia (3,747 m) and our crew is just about ready to shred. My hands are nice and toasty.

Summit of Mt. Columbia (3,747 m) and our crew is just about ready to shred. My hands are nice and toasty.


Julie-Ann Chapman made me this sandwich for the adventure the day before. I was taking a pic of it to say thanks but I happened to be wearing the Lithic glove. You can see my buds with their down coats on, so it must have been cooler temps. If you’re sitting still, the Lithic is a good bet to stay warm in.


When it’s raining everywhere else in the province, chances are that it’s hammering snow up on the Stairway to Heaven lift at KHMR. This day was clearly cold and wet snow, which is the perfect time to wear the Lithic.

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