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Being chained to a desk is for suckers. With all of our modern tech conveniences it’s easier than ever to get the job done on the move and out of the office so we can get back to shredding. Biglines went on a search to find the raddest backpacks for transporting your valuable tech cargo while keeping it protected. Check out the videos below to see which packs we liked the best.


Incase Icon Pack – $199

When the people at Incase set out to make the perfect office pack, the Icon was the result. This thing has so many pockets and compartments you could probably lose your car keys in here. But Incase thought of that and included a removable key clip. It would be easy to dismiss the Icon pack as fashion before function because it looks so damn good but its functionality is every bit as impressive. When you integrate the optional portable Power pack from Incase you have a super convenient way to charge your gear on the go. Charging and barging!

Arcteryx Blade 24 – $200

Quality construction, lifetime warranty and laptop protection are second-to-none with this pack. Featuring an internal frame and adjustable laptop storage, this 24L pack is like the child of a traditional courier style bag that had a few too many and got it on with a cushy backpack. The result is a sweet urban bag that will give you mountain cred at your 9-to-5 and let your punk-ass coworkers know that you know what time it is.

Mountain Hardwear Frequentor – $119

This great looking 30L pack from Mountain Hardwear has more than enough room to pack your mobile office essentials as well as an entire weekend’s worth of clothes, generous amounts of alcohol and bail money!

Thule Paramount – $169.99

The Paramount pack is a coast dweller’s dream. This pack is about as waterproof as it gets when it comes to protecting your expensive tech cargo. We’d say it’s the pack of choice for those among you that live in rainy climates or like to keep your gear handy when working on the deck of a crab fishing boat.

Dakine Apollo – $104.99

If someone were to judge you on your backpack alone, this 30L bag from Dakine with the Sportsman print says “I’m an outdoorsy rugged type who crushes beers with Grizzly bears while fly-fishing in a freezing Alaskan river.” If you can’t grow a beard, at least you can get yourself this manly pack.

So there you have it. Biglines’s choices for keeping you on the move while keeping the bossman happy. Thanks to all the companies for putting their bags up to the test. If one of these bags doesn’t do it for you, have a look at the full lines from Dakine, Incase, Thule, Mountain Hardwear and Arcteryx. I’m sure you will find something that works for your needs.

Best Laptop Backpack Review
Incase Icon9.2
Arc'teryx Blade 249
Mountain Hardwear Frequentor9
Thule Paramount8.8
Dakine Apollo8.9
5Great Packs

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