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This past season we had the chance to check out some product from Sandy Utah’s Hand Out Gloves. They make a glove and mitten that feature a stormproof zipper across the knuckle that, when opened, allows access your hand for total freedom while keeping your cuff fully sealed. After using them, we kinda can’t believe this hasn’t always been a thing that exists.

Hand Out Gloves

Switchovers are a breeze with Hand Out Gloves

Hand Out Gloves Mitts


Hand Out Gloves

or gloves.

We will admit to having seen these $129 USD gloves at a trade show and initially dismissed them as a cheap gimmick. Having used Hand Out Gloves for the better part of a season we can say that these are not a gimmick and are indeed totally awesome! The ability to quickly and easily open and close the gloves and allow access to your hand has been a game changer in terms of shooting photos and video, adjusting goggles and zippers, venting off excess heat, taking off skins and even taking a backcountry leak. Once you put these mitts on and tuck the generous gauntlets into your jacket, you can seriously leave them there all day as you use the zipper to allow access to your hands for tasks that require fine motor skills. That also means no more fear of losing a glove off the chairlift like a total Jerry.

Jair Stolz with Hand Out Gloves

Jair Stolz checking his hand out.

Waterproof and breathable, the construction of both the gloves and mittens are very high quality featuring soft cowhide and cordura as well as the stormproof zippers that give Hand Out their name. There is an oversized zipper pull hanging off that we initially thought was a bit big and silly. However, after using them for a few days, we came to appreciate the fact that it was just so damn easy to pull with either our hands or even teeth.

These aren’t the lightest and thinnest gloves around but the Handout Insta shows an expanded product offering for the coming season that seems to include a sport model and a neoprene design as well.

Hand Out Gloves

Quality construction paired with convenience make these mitts a winner.

Personally, I liked the mittens better than the gloves because I found them so easy to get my hands into and out of. In fact, I found them so easy to use that I found myself opening them to use my hands for tasks that I might previously have just passed on. *Note – I wore the large size and found it made it easier to flip the top of the gloves on and off with the extra room. I really cant see myself using anything else after getting used to the convenience of this design.


Hand Out Gloves work where it counts…in the deep snow.

If you are looking for a new pair of gloves or mitts that also allow unparalleled freedom to use your hands, look no further than Hand Out Gloves. To keep up with the latest available models check out the Hand Out instagram here.

Best Gloves Ever? A Hand Out Gloves Review.
  • Built to Last
  • Hides a Beer Easily
  • Easy to Use
  • KInda Bulky
  • Only One Colour Available
  • Jealousy From Peers
97%Overall Score

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