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Since the first time professional skier, Stan Rey, drove up the highway between Vancouver and Whistler 20 years ago, he’s had a dream of skiing the Tantalus Mountain Range. Visible from the highway, but accessible only by helicopter, the Tantalus Range taunts serious skiers with it’s glaciated peaks every time they pass by.

Every year Stan plans to ski those mountains but day to day life always seems to get in the way. When his sister, Olivia, was badly injured in a car accident on the highway in November 2015, Stan is forced to reconsider his priorities and a dream is finally realized.


Featuring Stan Rey, Olivia Rey, Alexi Godbout
Produced and Directed by Mike Douglas and Anthony Bonello

Executive Producers Bruno Bertrand and Benjamin Aidan

Written and Edited by Mike Douglas
Cinematography by Mike Douglas, Anthony Bonello, Blair Richmond Sound Design and Mix by Gregor Phillips
Associate Producer Susie Douglas
Still Photography by Eric Berger

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