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This past season was like a dream for me. After struggling with the conditions in some of the prior years we got really close to perfect every time this season. What made it special and fun was the crew of filmers and skiers that we had on all the trips. I got to hang the most with Abma and Hoji who told me a lot about skiing, safety and everything in between.
There where many “firsts“ for me like the park shoot in Whistler, Heliskiing in Revy, touring at GAH and getting confident on my KingPin. Also I did a few tricks I hadn’t done in the Pow before. It was also the first time I had been to Afrika where we got to meet up with the crazy Henrik May (world record holder in sand skiing, 93kmh) and get up-side-down with Zack Giffin.
What I’m probably the most stoked about is the rodeo 3 of the big diving board we called “Wizard-di#%“. It was the last day with the full crew in Revy and was it was getting warmer and warmer every day. We almost couldn’t find faces that weren’t baked or had other issues. This one wasn’t perfect either. There where big cornice failures everywhere and the outrun was filled with icy rollerballs so you almost had to come to a stop before skiing out but it was such a beauty of a face. There was a crazy amount of snow and the huge alpine pillows had us easily convinced that it was good to go.
After scoping, Abma, Hoji and Sammy had other sick lines in mind so I was able to go for the Wizard. It turned out to be way bigger and better than I thought. I was so lucky to aim in the correct direction and have the perfect speed. It all came together that morning and I think it turned out to be our only face of the day.

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