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“White Waves explores the history and current state of POWDERSURFING; a unique blend of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. See how this style of riding mountains without any form of binding has emerged from the hearts, hands and minds of the most experienced shapers and riders in the powsurfing world. By revisiting the roots of snowboarding, combined with passion for skateboarding and surfing, these riders are inspired to re-think board design and riding style; opening up possibilities for new feelings and a type of progression that had yet to be explored.

This film features TRUE BINDING-FREE POWDERSURFING. This means no straps, ropes, sky-hooks, magnets, or any other type of binding were used to hold the boards to riders feet or assist in turing in the contemporary scenes of the film. This is the real thing; this IS Powdersurfing.”

-Grassroots Powdersurfing

Shot on location in Utah, British Columbia, Hokkaido, Nagano, Alaska, Idaho & Wyoming.

Riders: Jeremy Jensen, Terje Haakonsen, DCP, Ian Provo, Neil Provo, Scotty Arnold, Atsushi Gomyo, TSK, Mads Jonsson, Al Clark, Craig Stevenson, Brock Bitton, Dave Smellie, Rob Stevens, Howard Sorenson, Rob Patterson, Josh Serna, and Cody Townsend.

Produced, Written, Directed, & Edited by Jeremy Jensen
Principal Cinematography – Jeremy Jensen
Additional Cameras – Tyler Larson, Dave Seone, Tim Zimmerman, Neil Provo, Ian Provo, Craig Stevenson, Aaron Hunt, Kanika Koh, Kent Sorenson and Jason Sazama

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